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# Junkie name Address Coin Amount
37386 sana1280**********1723 0.007008 USD
37385 Berizik**********1kaRFqkFGzuGUheevXTR6Cz 0.00075 USD
37384 Tmahay**********03194 0.001001 USD
37383 radovan982**********hXvRi9jN1pNgMdTeCCL1roWy 0.02 USD
37382 mohameed444666**********LLcWv7FeBRHgjjnY2oCr4QF 0.023025 USD
37381 Tmahay**********03194 0.00025 USD
37380 Berizik**********1kaRFqkFGzuGUheevXTR6Cz 0.0015 USD
37379 Follow14**********dFaLyUxtqmbXC39AueZN7uE 0.00125 USD
37378 ramdhn97**********sez3dGauyU6VHKm7E55jShu 0.0014 USD
37377 canhoren**********99441 0.100255 USD
37376 mimie**********97574 0.061588 USD
37375 Tmahay**********03194 0.001752 USD
37374 Hada01**********49362 0.0097 USD
37373 Paecrypto**********10454 0.134866 USD
37372 Rohman7**********FkxbZ8LwidcqooXoVUqHd4E 0.0005 USD
37371 itthiphon1**********03180 0.001951 USD
37370 Berizik**********1kaRFqkFGzuGUheevXTR6Cz 0.00025 USD
37369 Dedimasharyanto**********CQu8wTFJdYU9xNP6Nf8GGdC 0.00025 USD
37368 dilenio37**********ahoo.com.br 0.010804 USD
37367 Berizik**********1kaRFqkFGzuGUheevXTR6Cz 0.0005 USD

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