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# Junkie name Address Coin Amount
52115 shlk3n**********xZaZgMX9soKFXWCST19vfT9 0.019108 USD
52114 mersinboy3333**********otmail.com 0.038387 USD
52113 Murali**********99pZsLR1ZzKTRwputsAzwbe 0.00105 USD
52112 Fe1215**********LfbfGzpeXkpLHyqsP2Qqj7H 0.01035 USD
52111 Kunyil**********iDfQy3CDt5p8gMG2DFs8DvJ 0.010276 USD
52110 goyajo**********qr62fgytngjsnuuj4ruwq50n9waacxf 0.0085 USD
52109 Hoaithu97**********kdkFmhdiKdDreX2YjTiRvjb 0.00615 USD
52108 barabas777**********460 0.001004 USD
52107 velcrofiredog**********[email protected] 0.000828 USD
52106 sbastien326**********[email protected] 0.00525 USD
52105 Nita**********32974 0.01015 USD
52104 uuae2522**********47250 0.0001 USD
52103 med112**********ZVfWDyS5msLbkEhP9rXHmi8 0.01955 USD
52102 Khazier**********2023A990C776a2263dA9258E54c31D2 0.000249 USD
52101 Kadirdika**********cvspUT48k3nioTkXMGUizFR 0.028875 USD
52100 hacong**********5h6oKsdEjY7vkCNrpz2aFGp 0.00165 USD
52099 erre**********1208 0.001262 USD
52098 felo100**********Mh7G1XUyL8RMavAYu31Y9zL 0.0014 USD
52097 njoogioktien07**********sFzjdtj9E68LjVaYijiW3it 0.007621 USD
52096 Andekin**********E8c92E4939212543109895b7809b098 0.00325 USD

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