How to use desktop miner

How to use desktop miner

Posted on : 28 Aug, 2021    |    Last Update - 2 years ago   

1. For the application to know it's actually you mining.

you need to first mine for a few mins. On the Browser miner.

2. Download the file.

3. Extract the file

(Most Antivirus programs commonly flag a "false positive"

which is commonly triggered by crypto miners.)

If you experience that the file triggered a "false positive" and it was quarantined

you need to restore the file.

4. Firewall

(Your firewall might block the Miner if this happens you need to create a create a custom rule.)

You have to allow core.exe (junkieminer\bin\core.exe)

and WMPMinerGUI.exe (junkieminer\WMPMinerGUI.exe).

5. Start the program WMPMinerGUI.exe

(If you get an error just ignore it and push continue).

6. Enter your CryptoJunkie Username in the box that says

"Enter your CryptoJunkie Username here!" and press Start Mining.

7. You are actually mining now. Awesome! You can see your mining H/s speed in the application.

8. After you have mined with the Desktop Junkie miner for a few mins.

You can refresh the mining page in browser to see your balance grow.


Crypto Junkie Team.

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